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A Kahina Ritual For Summer

A Kahina Ritual For Summer

We love summer but often the warmer temperatures and humidity call for a change in our skincare routine, especially if you have oily or acne prone skin. Here are our recommendations for a pared down routine for the summer months. 1. CLEANSE with KAHINA Facial Cleanser. Keeping skin clean is especially important this time of year to keep pores open and remove buildup from sunscreen. KAHINA Facial Cleanser is a lightweight milky cleanser that effectively removes product buildup, sweat and excess oil without stripping your skin. 2. TONE with KAHINA Toning Mist. This oil free toner will keep skin hydrated and pores minimized. Aloe vera and rose will soothe skin from sun overexposure in a refreshing spray that's perfect pool- or beach-side. 3. TREAT with KAHINA Brightening Serum. Japanese seaweed and sea daffodil will regulate melanin production to prevent dark spots from appearing. Your skin will thank you come Fall. 4. NOURISH with KAHINA Argan Oil. Our 100% organic Argan Oil is perfect for regulating sebum production and is easily absorbed by skin. The perfect all-purpose product, it can be used as a body oil or hair conditioning/styling product. Just the thing for weekends away. 5. HYDRATE with KAHINA Facial Lotion, a lightweight emulsion that will provide additional moisture without clogging skin. The addition of Raspberry Seed extract gives KAHINA Facial Lotion added UV protection. 6. EYES - Our Prickly Pear Seed Oil Rollerball is perfect for soothing skin and minimizing dark circles. Keep it in the fridge for extra cooling effects and follow with KAHINA Eye Serum and/or Eye Cream. 7. Twice weekly, EXFOLIATE with KAHINA Antioxidant Mask to slough away dead skin and sebum buildup and unclog pores. 8. REVEAL glowing summer limbs with our Beldi Soap and Kessa Mitt treatment, followed by KAHINA's Essaouira Body Serum. 9. REFRESH with KAHINA Moroccan Rose Water, named by WSJ Magazine as a Summer Beauty Essential.
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