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Argan Oil

Argan oil is easily absorbed into the skin and won’t clog pores. Some other oils, such as mineral oil, should be avoided as it sits on the surface of the skin without penetrating and has no cosmetic value.
Yes. Argan oil has excellent nutritional properties and has been shown to decrease cholesterol. Our argan oil is cosmetic grade, which means it has been cold-pressed to preserve the beneficial cosmetic properties of the oil. For the culinary oil, argan nuts are roasted before the oil is extracted to impart a nuttier taste. It is still possible to eat the cosmetic oil, and it is delicious for dipping bread. However, it is an expensive use for our argan oil.
Our Argan oil has a two-year shelf life from the time of extraction. We buy our oil in small batches several times a year, so you can be sure that Kahina argan oil is fresh when it reaches our customers. Once opened, our products do not need to be refrigerated; however, they should be kept in stable temperatures and, if possible, away from direct light. That said, refrigerating products, especially if you live in a hot climate, will help preserve them. Refrigerating our eye products (Eye Serum + Eye Cream) makes them more effective at reducing puffiness. Products are best when used within six months to one year after opening.
We personally source our argan oil from different cooperatives throughout southwest Morocco. Cooperatives in different regions produce oil with slightly different aromas- some fruitier, some nuttier. As with any crop, variations can occur depending on climate and the quality of the harvest that year.
Argan oil is an excellent conditioner for hair. It depends on your hair type whether or not you should leave it in or not. While argan oil is a lightweight oil, fine hair can appear greasy if oil is left in. For coarser dry hair, argan oil is a great way to tame the frizz. To condition and style damp or dry hair, apply 2-3 drops into the ends and work upwards, making sure to avoid applying at the hairline. To give you scalp and hair a deep moisturizing treatment, massage argan oil into scalp, leave for ten minutes, and wash as usual.



Skincare Rituals

Argan Oil is very well suited to sensitive and combination skin. It is lightweight, yet high in essential fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it’s very soothing. Oil actually helps balance oil production, so Argan Oil may help balance your combination skin to just normal. To begin, I’d recommend Facial Cleanser, Argan Oil, and Eye Cream. This is a bare-bones regimen that can introduce you to Kahina. In your late 20s- really at any age! you should definitely take care of the eye area. If you are concerned about fine lines, the Eye Cream contains argan oil and sodium hyaluronate, which both help boost moisture levels and keep skin plump. It also contains antioxidant-rich white and green tea extracts great to treat current and prevent future signs of aging. Aloe vera and sea fennel calm, and peptides help restore collagen, helping improve elasticity. If you want to add additional products, applying the Toning Mist before Argan Oil helps the oil absorb more readily. Facial Lotion applied afterwards helps seal in the Argan Oil, and mattifies the skin for day. If you want exfoliation, the Antioxidant Mask gently removes dry skin, to improve skin tone and radiance. Rich in argan oil, this mask is safe for all skin types and won’t dry or sensitize your skin.
First, spritz the Toning Mist to hydrate and prep the skin, then apply the Serum, the most moisturizing, restorative, and nourishing product. Follow with the Facial Lotion which helps seal in the oils, as well as provide additional moisture (from shea butter, argan oil, sodium hyaluronate and beeswax). For deeper hydration apply the Night Cream instead, which has hydrating as well as anti-aging benefits and can be used day and night. For the eye area (and any fine lines anywhere), apply the Eye Cream, as it’s the more moisturizing of the two eye products.
I would highly recommend the Facial Cleanser, Argan Oil and Facial Lotion. The Facial Cleanser has honey and willow bark, which are both antibacterial, as well as papaya and lactic to help gently exfoliate without being too abrasive on an active breakout. Argan Oil, this will help heal and nourish sensitive breakouts without clogging or irritating the skin.  The Facial Lotion is lightweight, hydrating without any lingering residue.
The neck definitely gets neglected in our home care routines. Therefore, it is best to get in the habit of using your facial products all the way down the neck. The skin on the neck can get dry and show fine lines, so it will greatly improve the texture if you exfoliate and hydrate that area regularly. Using the Facial Cleanser to gently exfoliate skin and following with the Serum is a perfect combination that will help achieve a smoother, softer neck.
There are certainly a number of things you can do to help soften the lines you already have, as well as prevent lines from showing up. First and foremost, sun protection helps reduce the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which in turn causes the wrinkles. Aside from sunscreen, vitamin C is a great antioxidant that helps to strengthen the skin and fight free radicals that breakdown collagen. Vitamin C is found in the Eye Serum and will help combat those crows feet we all dread. It’s also important to exfoliate to help polish the skin and remove dead skin buildup that may worsen the appearance of wrinkles. As we age, skin cells don’t turnover as quickly as they once did, so exfoliation with products helps foster cell turnover. The Facial Cleanser has willow bark and lactic acid, both gentle and natural exfoliating agents.
The neck definitely gets neglected in our home care routines. Therefore, it is best to get in the habit of using your facial products all the way down the neck. The skin on the neck can get dry and show fine lines, so it will greatly improve the texture if you exfoliate and hydrate that area regularly. Using the Facial Cleanser to gently exfoliate skin and following with the Serum is a perfect combination that will help achieve a smoother, softer neck.
Nighttime is an excellent time to apply product since we are indoors with little exposure to pollution or UV rays and it will sit on the skin without interruption while you sleep. For all skin types, start with the Facial Cleanser and then following with Toning Mist to hydrate and prep the skin. All skin types can benefit from the Eye Serum to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For extra hydration, apply the Eye Cream.




You couldn’t find anything more suitable for a pregnant woman. Putting pure organics on your skin and in your body is most important when considering the health of your baby. It is also recommended to use sunscreen on the skin when pregnant, as you are often more photosensitive.
On the alternate nights you don’t use Retin-A, you can apply the oil. Or if you use Retin-A every night, you should apply that first, wait 10-15 minutes and then massage Argan Oil into your skin. This can help balance the drying effects of Retin-A and be very soothing without being counterproductive to the benefits of vitamin A. As far as the morning, you could put a drop or two of Argan Oil into your cream for more hydration on days you feel like you need it.
Yes. The Kahina Giving Beauty line will be a great complement to the stronger products you’re using. Trentinoin can of course be very drying and make the skin sensitive. Apply the Serum and then Facial Lotion after cleansing. The Eye Cream would be a great addition because it’s soothing and hydrating.
Eczema varies in severity and can range from just mild itching and redness to skin so dry it is cracked, oozing and very sensitive. Most people initially treat the problem with the traditional medication of hydrocortisone cream, however this can build up toxins in the body and loses it efficacy over time. Eczema needs hydration and also needs calming to soothe the inflammation and redness. Argan Oil provides relief to both of these symptoms as well as providing tons of antioxidants to help heal and prevent the eczema from returning. In addition to the great benefits of the Argan Oil, it’s important to look at your diet and to keep your immunity strong for the greatest chances of overcoming the symptoms of eczema.
I’m so happy to hear that you love our products and have had such good results. Our Facial Cleanser is designed to gently exfoliate using papaya enzymes. The Antioxidant Mask is a good twice/weekly supplement to get a physical exfoliation from the rhassoul clay (hectorite) as well as a gentle botanical exfoliation from natural lactic acid.



Product Questions

Kahina Serum is a more complex product specifically formulated to heal and restore skin. Though based on argan oil, it also incorporates additional vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients such as sea buckthorn and carrot seed oil, which are high in vitamins A and betacarotene, to strengthen the skin and protect against free radicals, slowing the aging process. The chamomile oil and bisabolol (derived from chamomile) are extremely soothing and act as anti-irritants for those with sensitive skin. Formulated to easily penetrate the skin for the successful delivery of its many ingredients and their benefits, Kahina Serum should be applied first, before a moisturizer, on clean dry skin so it can soak into the deepest layer of the epidermis. While the serum has many benefits for all skin types, it is ideally suited for a normal to dry skin type. The Kahina Argan Oil is pure, 100% organic argan oil that contains no other ingredients. It can effectively be used by anyone due to its simple ingredient list, as there is little room for sensitivities or reactions when all one is getting is a single pure organic and healing ingredient. Straightforward in form, Kahina Argan Oil use is not limited to just the face, and it can be used more liberally, especially on the hair or sprinkled in the bath.

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