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  1. Cleanse

 Remove makeup and grime with our Oil Cleanser, a blend of skin-loving oils and anti-inflammatory ingredients that washes off cleanly with warm water.

Follow with our mildly foaming Facial Cleanser, a milky wash to remove residue while gently exfoliating without irritating or drying out skin.

Use the Oil Cleanser and Facial Cleanser on their own, or together as part of a two-step cleanse. Save 15% when you purchase our Double Cleanse Bundle.

  1. Tone

Spritz face with the Kahina Toning Mist to refine skin tone, plump and calm skin while prepping the skin for oil application. Our Toning Mist is a hydrosol boosted with sodium hyaluronate to draw moisture into skin and allow oils to absorb more readily.

  1. Treat (Optional)


Apply one to two drops of Kahina Eye Serum onto fingertip and dab onto the delicate skin of the eye area to brighten and depuff.  Sodium Hyaluronate and peptides build collagen and draw moisture into the skin.

For drier skin, layer the Kahina Eye Cream over the Eye Serum to moisturize skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Sea Fennel extract energizes and rejuvenates the skin.


Apply one to two pumps of Kahina Brightening Serum to skin prior to oil application to improve dullness, minimize dark spots and to even out the complexion. Studies have shown that the active ingredients in Brightening Serum, Sea Daffodil and Japanese Seaweed reduce dark spots by up to 60% and inhibit melanin production up to 90%, preventing future discoloration from occurring.

  1. Moisturize
Apply one to two drops of our signature Argan Oil onto skin and massage in circular motions to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage while nourishing the skin with a heavy dose of vitamin E.


Follow with the Kahina Facial Lotion, a simple, unscented emulsion to nourish skin and protect the skin barrier.

For drier, more mature skin, replace the Facial Lotion with the Kahina Face Cream, rich in resveratrol and polyphenols from red wine grapes, to build collagen, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone and texture.

  1. Extra Care

 One to two times per week, apply our Antioxidant Mask in a layer covering the skin of the face and neck and let rest for approximately 5 minutes before massaging into skin. The fine grains of Rhassoul Clay along with AHA in lactic acid will gently exfoliate and brighten skin while Argan Oil replenishes lost moisture

 At night, after cleansing and applying oils, use the Kahina Moisture Mask as a sleeping mask to plump and deeply moisturize skin while reducing redness.  Aveeno plumps skin while Poria Cocos mushroom extract reduces redness and brightens skin.

To achieve the ultimate in glowing, plumped skin we recommend using the Kahina Moisture Mask following exfoliation with the Antioxidant Mask.


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