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A Kahina routine for healthy winter skin

A Kahina routine for healthy winter skin

With cold winter temperatures upon us, our skin needs extra TLC. As the chill and wind create tiny cracks in our skin, it is left less able to protect itself, leading to a loss of hydration and increased inflammation. To combat the effects of falling temperatures, give skin special pampering with super hydrating and soothing products that reduce irritation. The following are our recommendations for a winter skincare routine to keep skin healthy and glowing until spring. 1. Cleanse: It is especially important now to use a gentle cleanser without harsh exfoliants or detergents that will strip your skin of its natural oils. Kahina Facial Cleanser is a gentle, delicately scented milky cleanser with anti-inflammatory willow bark extract, argan oil to replenish moisture, and papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate skin. 2. Calm and prep: Kahina Toning Mist is an aloe vera based formula with calming rose and anti-inflammatory aspen bark extract as well as sodium hyaluronate to reduce inflammation and provide gentle hydration. Perfect for prepping skin for oil application and to mist on face throughout the day in over-heated offices. 3. Brighten: As our skin becomes paler, dark spots are more noticeable. Even skin tone and boost radiance with our Brightening Serum. This lightweight formula contains Japanese seaweed to reduce hyperpigmentation and white lily to inhibit melanin production for a luminous complexion. 4. Nourish: Kahina Serum is our most nourishing oil blend, recommended for dry, mature skin. Argan and prickly pear seeds oils combine with seabuckthorn seed oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate and coffee berry to provide skin with a hefty dose of antioxidants and vitamins E, A and K as well as light sun protection. The grounding scents of ylang ylang, neroli and myrrh offer aromatherapy benefits. 5. Eyes: A richer eye treatment such as our Eye Cream works to moisturize and firm the eye area and reduce fine lines and wrinkles without being greasy. For even more moisture and to minimize dark circles, apply prickly pear seed oil underneath the Eye Cream with our convenient prickly pear seed oil rollerball. 6. Treat: Our new Moisture Mask deeply hydrates, soothes and smooths skin. Use this as a simple face mask by applying and leaving on for approximately 20 minutes. Let it absorb into skin before wiping off excess with a warm damp cloth. Or leave on overnight and wake up with a soft, even-toned complexion. 7. Moisturize: For daytime, follow the Moisture Mask with our Facial Lotion to prime skin for makeup, seal in moisture and protect against environmental factors, including pollution and UV rays. 8. Lips: Treat chapped lips with our healing Lip & Face Balm featuring calendula, immortelle, carrot seed oil, seabuckthorn seed oil and mango butter. 9. Exfoliate: Twice weekly, slough off dull skin with our exfoliating Antioxidant Mask. Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco works to draw impurities from the skin while restoring collagen; Argan Oil replenishes moisture; and eucalyptus and mint provide healing aromatherapy benefits. Et voila! The radiant, even-toned and nourished complexion you’ve been seeking.
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