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Winter meets its match with our new moisture mask

Winter meets its match with our new moisture mask

Introducing our most luxurious product yet, Kahina Moisture Mask is a rich treatment mask that deeply hydrates, refines skin tone and texture and reduces redness. Combining the anti-aging properties of red-wine grapes with the moisturizing and reparative properties of argan and prickly pear seed oils in a creamy base with a lightly floral scent, this is the decadent experience that your skin will thank you for this season. BENEFITS: Increase skin’s water reserves to plump skin and improve barrier function with avena strigosa and a naturally occurring unique sugar compound. These combine with powerful ingredients that deliver essential fatty acids and potent antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that contribute to signs of aging:
  • Red wine grape extract with resveratrol – polyphenols provide powerful protection against skin aging
  • Prickly pear seed oil – Vitamin K brightens skin, Vitamin E repairs damage, antioxidants prevent skin aging and wrinkles
  • Mushroom extract – soothes skin and reduces redness
  • Sodium hylauronate – Draws moisture deeply into the skin
  • Aspen bark extract – anti-inflammatory to soothe irritation
  • Hordeum distichon and melissa offincinalis – powerful free radical scavengers
Scented with rose, geranium, lavender, neroli, blue tansy and sandalwood to relax and calm. HERE’S WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: The mask is phenomenal! I’m serious. I’ve tried so many moisturizing masks and this one really, really made such a difference. Congratulations on this, Katharine. Fantastic job. I’ll be recommending this like crazy. — The Green Product Junkie Just in time is this new release from Kahina Giving Beauty, their luscious Moisture Mask. I could not be more thankful to them for sending this to me for review. Normally I wait a few weeks until I decide if I love a product, but after just one use, I am crazy for this pot of skin soothing gold. When I applied it to my face this morning, my skin just drank it up. I left it on for probably 20 – 25 minutes, wiped off the excess with a warm damp cloth and then warmed two pumps of Kahina’s Facial Lotion and two drops of Pai Skincare BioRegernate oil in my hands and put that all over my face and voila! Ready to take on the cold with a plump and hydrated visage. — Scent Hive The Moisture Mask is amazing in transforming the skin’s texture plus improving the appearance of the skin. Outstanding!! — Former SVP Brand Development, REN Skincare TO USE: Apply a thick layer onto face, neck and around the eye area after cleansing. Leave on for 15 minutes, then massage in and remove excess or leave on overnight for a deeply nourishing treatment. Layer over oils for additional hydration.
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