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Women's Health

Women's Health

Women’s Health magazine’s Beauty Bonus Issue spotlights Kahina Serum in their article “Get Gorgeous Day and Night.” “While you’re getting your beauty sleep, your body is hard at work, repairing weakened muscle fibers and regenerating skin cells. ‘Growth hormone, which is necessary for skin repair, peaks during sleep, helping you maintain collagen and fight wrinkles,’ says Eva Cwynar, M.D., an endocrinologist in Beverly Hills. Increased blood circulation to your skin helps it to release impurities and accept nutrients. Because night is your body’s prime recovery time, a big chunk of your 24-hour routine should be focused here. … Smooth on a treatment oil serum containing essential fatty acids. ‘The EFAs, like those found in argan oil, act as nutrition for your skin’s cells, sealing in much-needed moisture by reinforcing the skin’s top layer,’ Jeannette Graf . Try Kahina-Giving Beauty Serum.”
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