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Your cart is empty’s Beauty Counter blog spotlights Sea Fennel and selects Kahina Eye Cream as a product to try. “SEA FENNEL (see fen-il) / n./ 1. Commonly known as samphire or by its scientific name Crithmum maritimum, this fleshy succulent grows on the rocky seaside cliffs of England; / n. / 2. A highly aromatic plant that’s popular in culinary circles and is often pickled, salted, or used in salads; / n. / 3. An herbal digestif that can help cleanse the body of toxins; / n. / 4. Coastal foliage that is rich in vitamin C and boasts potent antiseptic properties that hydrate and protect the skin; e.g., “Sea fennel can soothe and satisfy your face—and your belly.” Try it: Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream with North Atlantic Sea Fennel, $65, Read the original post here.
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