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Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living recognizes Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream as a hydrating, plumping treatment to achieve soft, smooth, dewy skin. “Out of Sight: Fall’s blustery air can be hard on fragile eye skin. Try one of these dewy eye treatments to help you look fresh as spring. The eyes have it. And by it, we mean the ability to reveal your secrets: how much (or little) sleep you’ve been getting, how much time you’ve been spending (and squinting) in the sun, and your age. ‘Eye-area skin is especially thin and has fewer elastic fibers, so it shows signs of aging and dryness more readily than other parts of the body,’ says Tina Alster, a dermatologist in Washington, D.C. Treat that delicate skin with extra care and soothing eye cream, though, and you can minimize damage such as sagging, darkness, and dryness. First, pinpoint your problem; then try one of these targeted eye creams. Apply it around your eyes and on your lids, and all your secrets will be safe again. Moisturizing eye creams: these treatments hydrate deeply, plumping skin to make it soft and smooth. Layer them on at night to look bright-eyed come morning. Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream contains several natural moisturizers and antioxidants, such as argan, coconut, and sunflower-seed oils, plus aloe and green tea.”
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