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Winter Skincare Ritual Highlight: Kahina Eye Serum

IMG_3223 Dark under eye circles show up even more when our skin is at its palest, and cold weather can lead to more stagnant circulation and undereye puffiness. Our Eye Serum brightens and strengthens skin, and decreases puffiness. Starring: Buckwheat (Polygonum fagopyrum) A phytosterol rich extract that inhibits lipogenesis (fat synthesis), resulting in long term reduction in the appearance of bags under the eyes. Hexapeptide-11 A natural source of peptides, it increases collagen and improves cellular oxygen consumption and blood flow. Rhodiola Rosea Root Rhodiola rosea helps skin maintain strength and elasticity and improves barrier function against environmental stressors including UV, pollution and cigarette smoke. It contains powerful polyphenols of the same variety found in grape seed and green tea, known for their ability to protect from damaging oxidation. Saccharamoyces cerevisiae Also known as baker’s or brewer’s yeast, it is the simplest single-cell organism and operates in a manner similar to human cells. It helps to increase microcirculation and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Link to our website at to learn more and to purchase.
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