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Sara Jane Mercer's Kahina Morning Routine

Sara Jane Mercer is a New York-based whole living expert and nutritionist who happens to love Kahina Giving Beauty skincare. We're thrilled to share her video in which she shows you how she uses 5 of our products in a simple daily routine for all skin types that combats aging and nourishes skin. Check out the Kahina Ritual for more information on how to use Kahina Giving Beauty skin care. Products used in this video: 1. Kahina Facial Cleanser 2. Kahina Toning Mist 3. Kahina Brightening Serum 4. Kahina Eye Serum 5. Kahina Argan Oil Like what you watched? Visit Sara's website and blog where she has many more all-natural beauty tutorials, healthy vegan recipes, and tips.
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