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May Visit to the Argan Forest

berber ladies I’m still on a high after returning on Saturday from a trip to Morocco visiting my argan suppliers. It is nearing harvest time (August through October) and the argan fruit is hanging heavy on the trees. At the same time, the flowers for next year's harvest are in bloom. The number of flowers on the trees bodes well for 2014’s harvest. It is wonderful to see the faces of the women that are now becoming so familiar, and to witness their children growing up. berber girls The sheep that I donated to the women of the village are now living in the women’s homes. Under their care, the sheep have grown fat, and several have had babies. DSC_0129 The women have been working hard on their weaving skills and are finding success in the marketplace. I was honored and thrilled to receive a gift of a rug they had woven with the Kahina circle and star emblem. circle and star rug I was able to review our project currently in development - solar-powered ovens for each of the women. A prototype (pictured below) has been delivered from France and its use demonstrated to the women. An important consideration to be evaluated is whether the women will adapt to the new concept in cooking, particularly because cooking times can be much longer than with traditional methods. Another concern is the proper care and maintenance of the ovens. solar oven
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