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Our Ulili x Kahina candle wins Mind Body Green Award

Our Ulili x Kahina candle wins Mind Body Green Award

We are thrilled to be among the winners of the first ever Mind Body Green Awards in the Stress Therapeutics category for our Ulili x Kahina Candle. According to the editors at Mind Body Green, "there's something about the scent of this candle that sets it apart from the rest. Perhaps its the beeswax and vegetable wax harvested in Morocco - Kahina's main source and inspiration for all its products - or the earthy, warm, sensual blend of cedar, clove, ylang yang and orange blossom essential oils. Or maybe its the alchemy of it all, but this candle is perfect for meditation, calming down after a long day, or keeping spirits bright on a gloomy one." According to Mind Body Green, anxiety is one of their most popular topics! In their Stress Therapeutics category, they round up the latest and best products on the wellness scene for easing nervous minds, tired bodies, and suppressed souls. Here are some of the other stress busting winners of 2018: True Botanicals Aromatherapy Collection Trio Volar Calming Smelling Salts Juna Nude Daily Hemp CBD Drops The Nue Company Magnesium Ease Order your Ulili x Kahina candle here
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