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Back to school with Education for All, Morocco

Back to school with Education for All, Morocco

It’s that time of year again. As soon as the Labor Day weekend celebrations are over, the rhythm changes, especially if you are a student or parent sending your child off to school. But imagine if this wasn’t the case. Due to long distances from school, lack of water or sanitation, or the inability to afford materials, many children, and especially girls, around the world are deprived of the opportunity of an education. In rural Morocco, where we source our Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils, most girls aren’t able to complete their studies beyond the age of 12 as there are few schools in the countryside. Their parents cannot afford to send them away to live, and there are few safe options even if they could. As a result, approximately 83% of women in the Moroccan countryside are illiterate. Education for All, Morocco, offers girls from rural Morocco the chance to continue their schooling by providing access through free and safe dormitories for girls. Founded as a single boarding home in 2007, Education for All now has five boarding homes and 50 of its girls enrolled at the university level, the first in their families to do so. Last year marked the first time a girl from the program, and the region, continued on to obtain her Master’s degree in Economics. “We want to give girls the chance of a college education in Morocco because we believe that if you educate a girl, you educate the next generation as well,” says the organization founder. With your support KAHINA™ has been able to help 12 girls complete their high school education with the boarding, meals and extracurricular support that Education for All provides. I’m sure you join us in sending all of the girls heartfelt wishes on going back to school, especially those entering their first year of University!
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