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KAHINA Spotlighted on A Night For Green Beauty Channel

KAHINA Spotlighted on A Night For Green Beauty Channel

KAHINA™ is honored to be the focus of the A Night For Green Beauty's newly launched Youtube channel. "There is something to be said about a brand that gives back while also empowering the women that produce their star ingredient. It's a choice a company makes to be completely connected with their entire process and one we admire profoundly," says A Night For Green Beauty founder Victoria Fantuzzi on their choice to feature KAHINA™. "Kahina Giving Beauty is the role model more green beauty brands should aspire to, incorporating values and quality into a business that improves the lives of women everywhere. It's details like these that make green beauty stand out over thousands of brands breaking into the market each year. For this reason we proudly choose to highlight the work of our brand partner and a collection of products that merit the attention of any beauty lover." We are incredibly proud to be honored. Subscribe to the A Night For Green Beauty You Tube channel to see more green beauty brand spotlights like these.
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