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Kahina night cream gets a face lift

Kahina night cream gets a face lift

We’ve changed the name of our bestselling Night Cream to Kahina Face Cream. With the same nourishing ingredients and actives that defend against signs of aging, and with the same rich yet absorbent texture and fragrance, this product is suitable for daytime as well as nighttime use. WHY THE NAME CHANGE? Because you can’t have too much of a good thing. PRODUCT REVIEWS: “This is THE moisturizer to have in my book and in fact when people ask for recommendations on a good, clean moisturizer, this is the one I’ve been recommending. …Not only do I think this is one of the best products in the green beauty world, I would consider it to be one of my favorite products in general. Clean, proven ingredients and wonderful results make this a winner.” – The Beauty Idealist “I am LOVING the night cream. MAGICAL!” – Jessa Blades, Make-Up Artist and Natural Beauty Expert “I LOVE IT!! Not greasy or heavy, yet incredibly moisturizing. Exactly what I would expect from you guys. A top notch product that I cannot live without!!” – Sherri Edens “Easily the most amazing skincare product I have EVER tried. As soon as I had rubbed this into my skin, MAGIC. Pure Magic. I have really red, super sensitive, oily awful skin. This immediately calmed all the redness out of my face and wasn’t greasy at all yet still a thick moisturizer. It smells like chamomile in the most soothing way. I normally do not say this about anything- ESPECIALLY anything this expensive but at $105 it’s actually worth it. It’s been on my skin less than an hour and it’s done amazing things. Things that no other skincare item has ever managed for me.” – honeyandthemoon, via Instagram “If there’s one thing you need to know about Kahina Giving Beauty’s Night Cream, it is this: it is nothing like any other night cream you’ve ever tried before. Why? The main reason being is that it is incredibly smooth and light. Yep, that’s right, light. Whenever I think Night Cream, I picture a heavy cream that will sit on my face for the entire night, hydrating it, but not really allowing my skin to breathe, which is the exact reason why I don’t usually use one. This cream is the polar opposite; so soft to the touch and spreads so easily, it’s a true joy to use.” – The Green Product Junkie “The beautiful texture alone would be enough for me to love this cream because a rich moisturizer that does not clog/irritate my skin has not been easy to find. So far I have been loving the results, because every morning my skin looks smooth and supple,with no excess sebum on my forehead and nose. If you are looking for a good night-time treatment and you like the idea of a light, quickly absorbed cream, this is totally worth trying. It has a luxury price tag, but it delivers and you get a lot of use from one jar because you need so little product for each application.” – Genuine Glow “The cream is a cream-colored, fluffy mousse that smells divine. For a few days, I massaged it into my face after washing for a relaxing ritual that was enhanced by its smell. It’s moisturizing, but not too heavy, so that I feel comfortable laying my head down on the pillow right afterward. My skin drank it up.” – Alden Wicker, TO USE: Massage onto face and neck after cleansing. Layer over oils for additional hydration. Shop Kahina Face Cream here
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