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Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum is Now Available!

Kahina Giving Beauty is proud to introduce Kahina Brightening Serum to our skin care line. Two years of product development and testing went into Kahina Brightening Serum and we think you’ll be thrilled with its efficacy, feel, and scent. Kahina Brightening Serum is a treatment formulated to even skin tone by reducing dark marks caused by aging, sun-exposure, and/or acne. Unlike other lightening skin care products, Kahina Brightening Serum uses no harsh chemicals to bleach or “whiten” skin, is gentle enough for daily use, and is certified organic and natural. Marie Claire recently featured our Brightening Serum as "Feel-Good Beauty". About the formula: Our formula is Ecocert-certified natural and organic, with 100% of total ingredients from natural origin and 73.88% of total ingredients from organic farming. Key ingredients include undaria pinnatifida derived from wakame, pancratium maritimum or white lily extract, argan oil, rice & algae (spirulina platensis) extracts, pinus pinaster, aloe vera, shea butter, lavender, wild tansy oil, rose, bisabolol, frankincense, sandalwood, and rosemary. A complete ingredient listing is available on our website. To purchase, click here.
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