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Introducing "the most luxurious soap on the planet"

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.19.36 AM Now, everyone's favorite Moroccan hammam treatment comes scented with Moroccan Rose essential oil for a superluxe, skin calming take on the original. InStyle Calls it "the most luxurious soap on the planet" turning "perfunctory bathing into a gorgeous routine" and The New York Times includes it in its story on cleansers that "very seriously detox, scrub and lather." Kahina Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap can be used on body and face to calm, soften and cleanse skin. Read about the famed damascena rose and the Rose Festival in Morocco and click here to shop. Kahina's Moroccan Beldi Soap rapidly rose to cult status after launching earlier this year. The skin softening olive oil soap with its unusual soft gel consistency attracted attention from Town & Country and The Wall Street Journal. Well + Good said “This purifying black soap is incredibly loyal to the one used in a traditional hammam experience, where you’re lathered endlessly with a mitt and olive oil soap and doused with pans of water. Kahina’s has only two all-natural ingredients: traditional eucalyptus leaf oil and saponified olive oil, and it comes with a seriously exfoliating kessa (mit) for an all over skin-smoothing detox scrub. Grab one, fill your shower with steam, and you’ll be stepping into a beauty ritual that’s centuries old.” style_rosebeldisoap2
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