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Ingredient Spotlight: Resveratrol

Kahina Night Cream When Katharine set out to create an advanced anti-aging moisturizer, she knew immediately she wanted resveratrol to be a key active. She had witnessed firsthand the hardiness of grape vines, thanks to the vines' production of resveratrol during times of environmental stress like bacterial or fungal attack. Though resveratrol has been the subject of studies relating to heart health, resveratrol has important skin benefits as well. What is resveratrol? Resveratrol is a phyto-nutrient that defends against inflammation by stopping the peroxidation process. What form of it is used in Kahina Night Cream? Our resveratrol is listed as "pichia/resveratrol ferment"; it is extracted using a yeast (pichia pastoris). The benefit of this extraction process is a very small molecule that is bioavailable and readily penetrates skin for maximum efficacy. Why incorporate resveratrol into your skincare regimen? Resveratrol has been shown to significantly downregulate cyclooxygenase, a key indicator of inflammation. Inflammation contributes to physical signs of aging. Resveratrol also upregulates collagen IV, which over time promotes elasticity and produces a microlifting of the skin. In a 28-day trial using pichia/resveratrol ferment, participants reported a noticeable improvement in fine lines and skin tone. Kahina Night Cream contains the same concentration that was used in the study. Shop Kahina Night Cream
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