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Ingredient Spotlight: Vitis Vinifera Grape Juice Extract

Kahina Night Cream - Vitis vinifera Kahina Night Cream features high concentrations of vitis vinifera (grape juice) extract. Although this ingredient is inspired by Katharine's time at her Napa Valley ranch, we source our grape juice extract from the Languedoc region in France. What is grape juice extract and why is it special? Grape juice extract is produced from resveratrol through a process that mimics a natural reaction with a fungus. It contains delta-viniferin, an antioxidant, in higher concentration than in actual grapes. Grape juice extract also has other polyphenols. What benefits does grape juice extract have for your skin? Grape juice extract preserves current skin health and helps defend against aging. One way it does this is by increasing the activity of enzymes that protect mitochondrial DNA, even after UV irradiation. Studies show a 66% boost in defense against MMP-1, which degrades collagen, and a 48% boost in defense against MMP-3, which degrades elastin. Using skin care products that contain grape juice extract - like Kahina Night Cream - will ultimately decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Shop Kahina Night Cream
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