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Kahina Night Cream: FAQ

Kahina Night Cream Q: How do I use Kahina Night Cream? A: Spread a thin layer over a clean face. See this post on how to incorporate Night Cream into your existing routine. Bonus: apply to neck and décolletage too. Q: Can I use it during the day? A: While formulated to be used in the evening while your skin is regenerating, there's no reason you can't use Kahina Night Cream during the day. Q: How is it different from Kahina Facial Lotion? Do I need both? A: Our Facial Lotion is unscented, fairly lightweight, and does not contain actives like resveratrol or grape extract. Kahina Facial Lotion is meant to moisturize and hydrate, but it is not specifically formulated to treat signs of aging. You'll find Kahina Night Cream has a somewhat thicker texture (though by no means is it heavy!) and is pleasantly scented. Plus you have actives like resveratrol, grape juice extract, and melissa extract. We use both products - Facial Lotion for a matte daytime moisturizer, and Night Cream for a richer nighttime treatment. We wouldn't layer them. Q: What does it smell like? A: If you've smelled our Brightening Serum, it's very similar - light and a little floral, but by no means strong, overpowering or long-lasting - we don't like that here. A little bonus: the scent blend contains calming lemon balm which has been shown to help you get your Zzzs. Q: I really don't like creams in jars. Don't they get contaminated and expire faster? Will you please package this with a pump? A: If you don't like your skincare in a jar, we hear you -- this might not be the product for you. We do testing on all of our products to make sure they can maintain their integrity (i.e. not get all germy) during normal usage. Night Cream passed the test. That said, use it up in six months, scoop product with a clean finger, and don't expose it to water or extreme temperatures. And sorry guys - this one's in a jar, and it's staying in one. Q: Can I use this while pregnant? A: Please discuss this with your doctor. And congratulations! Q: How can I get a sample? A: Three ways: 1) order our Sample Pack 2) with any order on (for a limited time only and subject to availability) 3) check with your preferred Kahina retailer. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for full-sized products on Have any questions you'd like to see answered? Email us at
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