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Giving Beauty Down Under


Just returned from Australia for the launch of Kahina Giving Beauty at the Mecca Cosmetica boutiques. It was a crazy busy week, traveling across the vast country to train staff at 34 stores in just five days. Of course, the travel, time change, and change in climate wreaked havoc on my skin, but Kahina products rose to the challenge. My love for the Toning Mist and Argan Oil were renewed on the long flight, and the Serum never failed to restore my skin and spirits on arrival. It really is a wonder how a familiar and beloved skincare product can comfort and transport. Mecca staff and Australian press were very responsive and we’re already starting to see great results. Most importantly, it was incredibly gratifying to share the Kahina Giving Beauty products and message and to connect with some amazing women Down Under. -- Katharine
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