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Kahina Giving Beauty Does Valentine's Day: Part Une


Katharine's Valentine's Day

Over here at Kahina Giving Beauty HQ, we love ourselves some Valentine’s Day. It is a day of love and appreciation- not just for your lover, but for all those that you love in your life. Sort of like Thanksgiving but more human-specific. I know you’re all dying to know how we celebrate this day of love, so here goes, part une, in which we divulge Katharine's picks. Keep your eyes peeled for GIFT IDEAS! BEAUTY TIPS! And LOOOVE! 1. Take out from Two Boots: "I would like to cook something special for the family, but it can be hard with a vegetarian teenage daughter, and three meat-loving boys/men in the house to please everyone." 2. See's Candies: "For me, it's all about the chocolate. I’m from San Francisco, so the tradition is to have See’s Candies, which was always a special treat growing up. I eat premium dark chocolate every other day of the year. Valentine's Day is about choosing from the box" 3. Spruce Rose Crate: "I love anything from Spruce. They have beautiful arrangements that make me feel like Spring is on its way. Honestly, though, I am happy with flowers from the corner bodega. A simple bunch of tulips brightens my mood." 4. Kahina Antioxidant Mask: "I don't plan on going out on Valentine’s Day - and don’t expect to be getting any flowers from my husband of 20 years, so I’ll need to treat myself. The perfect pampering is an evening at home with Kahina Antioxidant Mask and a glass of wine . I've gotten addicted to Downton Abbey. I have one episode left to download. Bliss." 5. Loup Charmant loungewear: "I have to admit to being lazy about changing from my yoga clothes at night. Valentine’s Day will probably not be an exception. A cute little set from Loup Charmant is my vision of my best self." 6. Vintage Valentine: "I can’t resist buying cheesy oversized cards or vintage Valentine's from the drug store." 7. Etude wine: A special night, so she might have some Etude, made with her family's grapes. It's good. Very good. 8. Kira: "My family has actually declared Valentine’s Day as the official birthday of our dog Kira, who we rescued from a shelter in Upstate New York. Since they couldn’t tell us her actual birthday, we decided to make it VDay. So it is part birthday party for her, too. This year, it's 12 candles." Aww! Stay tuned for part deux, in which Mairin tells you how she does it. (How DOES she do it?!)
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