Feeling Blue: A Color Story

The color blue has a rich history in Morocco, inspiring our new hand-loomed throw made of aloe vera cactus fiber. Traditional Indigo was grown high in the Atlas Mountains and brought to the dyers of Fes, the most accomplished textile artists in the Maghreb. Dyers would dry indigo leaves on their rooftops and place the indigo in large earthenware vats along with dried figs, henna and lime to aid fermentation. The vivid hue represents the color of Islam and is visible throughout the country - on clothing, buildings, and fishing boats.

Hand-loomed fabric Hand-loomed throw now available on givingbeauty.com


Indigo in Marrakesh souk

blue door

Blue door to a Berber home in the Anti-Atlas Mountains

blue boats of essaouria

The boats of Essaouira

rabat street


blue women imageThe blue women of the Tuareg tribe in Southern Morocco

MarrakeshHotelRooftop in Marrakesh

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