Fatima weaves and sews our Berber Wedding Blankets and Pillows

Moroccan Wedding Blankets are a Berber tradition. Woven by groups of women with the bride before her wedding, the wedding blankets and pillows are embroidered by hand as part of the brides dowry and are meant to bring good luck to the bride and prevent against the evil eye. The gathering of women also provides an opportunity to share matrimonial advice with the bride-to-be. I traveled to the village of Meryrte, approximately 2 hours from Fes in the Mid-Atlas Mountains, to buy our blankets and pillows from Fatima and her daughter. On my first visit to Fatima's home in October, they were working together on the dowry for her daughter, an exquisite work of embroidery and beading photographed below. On my recent visit in January, Fatima's daughter had already moved in with her new husband to begin her new life. Pillows are available on Berber Wedding Blankets are also available to order in many sizes; please email for sizes, pricing, photos, and to place your order.

Fatima and Khadija(1)

Fatima and her daughter Khadija with Khadija's wedding blanket

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