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15,000 trees and counting

15,000 trees and counting

At KAHINA, we take our environmental impact seriously. Since our inception 10 years ago, we have made it a priority to provide the highest quality products with minimal environmental cost. We source sustainably, using certified organic ingredients whenever possible, and package in recyclable bottles using recycled paper for our cartons and environmentally friendly materials for all of our marketing efforts – even our cute sample sachets are made from environmentally friendly material. The work of our Moroccan partner to educate the population of the argan forest around sustainable harvesting is making a difference in protecting this endangered forest that plays an important role in keeping the desert at bay, crucial for reducing the impact of climate change. Residents used to cut down the trees for firewood, and damage the trees during the argan nut harvest. Now, sustainable harvesting methods are used, and people work to protect the trees. Additionally, all byproducts of the production process go to feed livestock, leaving zero waste. We wouldn't have it any other way. Beyond sustainable harvesting and production methods, we have funded the planting of approximately 15,000 trees to date in Southern Morocco to help offset our carbon footprint, including an additional 2,000 trees this year via The High Atlas Foundation. Our small team works out of a pre-war apartment in NYC (no new construction) and takes public transportation. We are avid recyclers! We ensure that each of our suppliers adheres to the same standards that we do. We understand that issues surrounding sustainability are complicated. We are always looking to improve the ways in which we operate. In fact, when we started, we initiated a refill policy allowing customers to send empty bottles back to us for reuse but determined that the carbon cost of shipping and sterilizing bottles was greater than producing the glass. The design of our boxes actually originated from this concept - the brown square was conceived of as the return label. HAPPY EARTH DAY!
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