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Dar Asni Boarding Home for Girls

With the girls of Dar Asni

Girls at Dar Asni learn valuable computer skills outside of school

One of the biggest challenges facing girls in Morocco is education. While there are primary schools in the villages, most girls stop going to school at the age of 10 when these schools end. At fifth grade, the schools are centered in larger cities located far from the villages. While there is some public housing available to children, these are mostly poorly run, overcrowded and unsafe. Education For All is a small, grassroots organization offering free room and board and extracurricular learning programs to girls so that they may continue their education. The success of these homes is measured by the graduation rate of the girls who have the opportunity to live there - 80% vs. the 30% national norm. It costs $1000 to provide safe housing for one girl for a year.
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