Sweet Success



I was introduced to Fatima by my friend Afafe. Fatima was widowed at a young age and left with four young children and debts to pay. On her own, she started raising bees and selling the honey in the local markets. Now her business has grown to include 600 bee hives, the production of argan oil and a small cafe. She employs 72 women and girls, 7 of whom are orphaned. The operation runs well and those who work for her seem productive and happy. Fatima provided a delicious lunch before a tour of her argan facility with three types of her homegrown honey - eucalyptus, thyme and fennel. To get the different flavors, I learned she simply moves the bees to the plants. Fatima, with her determination and fortitude, is a real inspiration and demonstrates the success that is possible for women in Morocco to achieve today.

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