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A word on pricing when shopping internationally

Are you shopping for Kahina in Germany? What about Canada? Australia? This is for you. Retail pricing varies by country for three main reasons: currency valuation, import fees/taxes, and freight costs. There is not a 1:1 correlation between US pricing and another country's pricing. When you purchase from a retailer in any country but the U.S., the retailer has paid shipping costs including broker fees, currency exchange fees, and duties/taxes on top of product cost, so the prices may be higher than if you simply converted USD to your own currency. Recently the Canadian dollar (CAD) has lost even more value to the USD. As a result we are having to slightly increase the MSRP in CAD. This is not your retailer being greedy; they simply need to make money (and not lose money) in order to stay in business and keep offering you the best in beauty.
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