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Eighth and Wild on Toners & Kahina Toning Mist

Eighth and Wild PSA: for those of us subjected to dry heating in these coming months, please make sure to use a hydrating mist as part of your skincare. Topical water + humectant sodium hyaluronate = great way to combat dry, flaky skin and get those oils/balms/moisturizers to absorb even better. Green beauty blogger Eighth and Wild recently reminded you "Don't Skip the Toner" and wrote about the benefits of toners and how to use them. (Cheat sheet: pH balance, exfoliation, and absorption/moisture) Check out her post here. What she has to say about Kahina Toning Mist: "It has a nice soothing scent, you can feel it on your skin after using it... The Toning Mist leaves my skin the most moisturized out of all of them, so for those who have drier skin, this might be what you've been looking for."
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