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7 Tips for Using Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum

Q: How do I incorporate this product into my regimen? How much do I use? How often do I use Brightening Serum? A: After cleansing and toning, apply 1-2 pumps over face and, if desired, more over décolleté, neck, and hands. For best results use twice daily, under optional Kahina Argan Oil, Serum, and/or Facial Lotion. Q: Do I use Brightening Serum with Argan Oil or Serum? What about Facial Lotion? A: Our Brightening Serum does contain some skin conditioning and moisturizing agents like argan oil, sodium hyaluronate, and shea butter, though it is very lightweight. For normal, combination, oily or acne-prone skin types with uneven skin tone, we recommend layering our Brightening Serum under Argan Oil or Facial Lotion, as desired. For dry or mature skin, we recommend using Brightening Serum in conjunction with our Serum. Q: What is the difference between Kahina Serum and Kahina Brightening Serum? Do I need both? A: Kahina Serum does not inhibit melanin production; our Brightening Serum does. Kahina Serum is a rich blend of many oils that contain various antioxidants and vitamins to nourish, heal, and recondition skin. Kahina Brightening Serum is very lightweight and functions mainly to reduce hyper-pigmentation. The two have very different scent profiles: Brightening Serum is lighter and greener, whereas Kahina Serum is spicier and more exotic. Depending on your skincare goals and concerns, you can decide if both or either are right for you. For dry, mature, or sun-damaged skin or more aggressive anti-aging regimens, we highly recommended layering Brightening Serum under Serum. Combined, they form a silky, hydrating, vitamin and antioxidant rich combination that treats and prevents signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and dryness. Q: Can I use Brightening Serum under makeup? A: Absolutely. Q: How do I use Brightening Serum in conjunction with the retinol/retinoid product prescribed by my dermatologist? A: Always consult your dermatologist before adding new products to your treatment regimen. If you use your retinol at night, you should be able to use Brightening Serum during the day. Please always wear sunscreen or other sun protection (hats, shade, not going outside during peak hours) as these products will increase your sensitivity to the sun. Q: How much does Brightening Serum cost? How big is the bottle? How long will it last me? A: Our Brightening Serum comes in a 1 oz. / 30 ml glass bottle with a pump top and is $72.00. Though it depends on the user, this is about a three-month supply. Q: Will Brightening Serum help fade my post-acne scars? A: To clarify, the dark marks that can result from acne are not scars, but rather post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Acne is an inflammatory condition, and inflammation can trigger excess melanin production. Brightening Serum can help decrease melanin production and help to fade acne marks and post-acne discoloration. In addition, Brightening Serum is anti-inflammatory thanks to antioxidants and environmental protectors like argan oil, aloe vera, and a blend of essential oils. A very good method to reduce post-acne marks is to reduce the initial infection and inflammation- Kahina Brightening Serum will help to accomplish that. Shop Kahina Brightening Serum now.
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