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WIN Kahina Brightening Serum!

WIN Kahina Brightening Serum! Answer the three questions below via email* or Twitter** by Wednesday, October 3rd. We will select THREE WINNERS. $72.00 value! 1. What country does the seaweed used in our Brightening Serum come from? 2. What type of rare flower is used as a Brightening Ingredient in our Brightening Serum? 3. Why are you excited about our new Brightening Serum? Please note: winners will be contacted the day they win. If you win, you will need to respond within 3 business days to claim the prize, otherwise we will select an alternate. *send to and include "CONTEST" in subject line **tweet us @kahina1 - be sure to include @kahina1 in your tweet so we can find you!
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