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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair shares video, images and Katharine L’Heureux’s journey bringing Giving Beauty and the argan oil inspired Kahina organic beauty product line to life. When Katharine Phillips L’Heureux embarked on a family vacation to Morocco in 2007, little did she know she would return with the idea for an organic beauty line. Upon arriving in Morocco, L’Heureux immediately asked her tour guide what local women used to stay moisturized. The guide took her to the nearest local solution and introduced her to argan oil. Naturally rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, the oil is known to rejuvenate and heal a range of skin issues including wrinkles, acne, and dryness. L’Heureux fell in love with the remedy. “My skin is very dry, with oiliness at the T-zone, but argan oil has helped to balance my complexion,” she says. “My skin is so much softer and firmer than before, but most of all, I love what I call the ‘argan glow.’ My skin is radiant now!” Although it has been used for many generations in Morocco, the oil’s recent integration into beauty products in the United States has many referring to it as “liquid gold.” Read the full story, watch the video and see the photos at
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