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In honor of International Women's Day, THE ZOE REPORT interviews Katharine about being a female entrepreneur.

"If you haven't yet tried Kahina Giving Beauty, a Moroccan skincare line that equally effective, ethical and empowering, International Women's Day is the time to do it. "We have greatly improved the lives of impoverished women in rural Morocco by providing a market and fair wage for their labor, allowing access to education for young girls, and running water and electricity for a remote village high in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Katharine L'Heureux, the brand's founder tells TZR. 'At the same time we provide healthy alternatives to traditional skincare for women around the world.'

According to L'Heureux, be a woman in business has actually been her greatest advantage. 'I created the products that I really wanted to use - effective, sustainable, and beautifully packaged,' she says, calling Kahina's organ-infused Oil Cleanser one of her favorites. 'I was determined to market Kahina in a way that I felt was not condescending to women and that would emphasize the positive rather than playing on women's insecurities.'

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