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The Observer

The Observer

Kahina Giving Beauty's products are centered around Moroccan argan oil. So, its fitting that the brand donates 1 percent of its revenue to the Berber women of Morocco, and has since 2009. In collaboration with the High Atlas Foundation, Kahina has worked to plant 12,000 trees in community-run nurseries, in an effort to elevate rural Moroccans beyond substance level farming.

They've also donated 100 sheep to women in the Anti Atlas Mountains of Morocco to provide wool for weaving, 84 pairs of winter boots to the children of the village of Ait Goh in the Anti Atlas Mountains, provided healthcare for 25 women of a cooperative outside of Agadir in southwest Morocco and offered free room and board for 12 girls so that they can continue their education beyond third grade through Education for All, Morocco. Finally, they've constructed a girl's bathroom to serve a public primary school outside of Marrakech. Girls were not attending school due to the lack of privacy and hygiene - as a result of the new bathroom, the school is seeing attendance rise among girls.

Try this: Argan Oil ($82), the obvious choice, this do-all oil intensely nourishes hair, face, and body but never feels greasy.

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