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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

Celebrity make-up artist Fiona Stiles speaks with Hollywood Reporter's Pret-a-Reporter about her favorite eye creams. "MAKEUP MONDAY: 5 EYE CREAMS TO BANISH HOLIDAY EYE BAGS Fiona Stiles, who preps, contours and highlights the faces of Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Garner, swears by a certain selection of eye creams and balms in order to keep herself and her clients looking fresh and well rested. “Nothing drags your face down like dark circles under your eyes,” says Stiles. “And puffy eyes instantly make you look sleep deprived. Finding any way short of surgery to combat that is key.” "I usually recommend skipping eye cream in the daytime because you’ll look like a raccoon by lunchtime, but this one sinks right in and gets to work without leaving your eye a greasy mess. is the only eye cream I’ll use for red carpet events, because I know I can trust it not to make the eye makeup smudge." Read the full article here.
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