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Financial Times

Financial Times

Financial Times recognizes Kahina Giving Beauty in "The Right Price of Oil."

"Kahina's argan oil-infused products are much touted in beauty circles, and its list of philanthropic projects is impressive, too. The company's founder, Katharine L'Heureux, is adding to its beauty range this season, with a brightening serum, soaps and a home-spa set. She is also expanding its presence in Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore and to Harvey Nichols' soon-to-launch Knightsbridge BeautyMART, which L'Heureux hopes will allow the company to further its charitable ventures. "So far this year I've bought 100 sheep - one for each woman in the village where we work in the Anti-Atlas mountains. These provide a source of dairy and wool, and once bred can be sold for additional income," explains L'Heureux. "We are also working to provide health insurance for women in a co-operative near Agadir, and will buy a fridge for a co-op near Tamanar to attract tourists to their cafe."

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