Kahina's "more meaning less marketing" approach is Well and Good

In her article on Kahina in WellandGoodNYC.com, the source for all that is well and good in New York, writer Melissa Gelula says: While there are a growing number of luxury organic brands, there still aren’t many that give back. Twenty-five percent of Kahina’s profits go to the co-ops, a huge number. “I’m not in this business to sell my company to Estee Lauder. I want to help women,” says Lheureux, who’s now been to Morocco seven times since that original 2007 trip, meeting more of the women and getting to know what their economic autonomy means for them. But she also seems to be speaking to her customers: “American women are tired of beauty-product promises,” she says. “I’m going for products that are simple and good and that work.” And people are responding to her “more meaning, less marketing” approach. For starters, ABC Home on Broadway, invited the five-piece Kahina line, all formulated with cold-pressed argan oil, into its beauty apothecary, a venue that’s nurtured many indie brands into the beauty bigtime . Read the full article at http://wellandgoodnyc.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/unexpected-profits-berber-women-benefit-from-kahina-giving-beauty/

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