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WAFT...what a fragrancefanatic thinks

WAFT highlights the Kahina Giving Beauty line "using the amazing argan oil" and its "healing and balancing" properties, the Berber queen and Berber women. Many of the women of Morocco cannot read or write. Cooperatives now exist for these women to work, support their children and learn to read and write. Kahina~Giving Beauty has created a line of beauty products using the amazing argan oil harvested by hand in these coops. Argan oil has been used for centuries by Moroccan women as their beauty ritual for hair and skin. It 's properties are healing and balancing, containing 4 times the vitamin E of olive oil. It has a lightly fruity scent and immediately is absorbed by thirsty skin. We received a 1 oz dropper bottle of this new product , not yet released to the world. Incredible!! For more information, please visit the website to find out how they are donating 25% of their profits toward improving these women's quality of life. ( to build a school for the children !!) Click on WAFT...what a fragrancefanatic thinks for the full text.
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