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Treat your face... and your taste buds


This past Friday a small team of Kahina-enthusiasts gathered to film our New York organic makeup and beauty expert, Jessa Blades, incorporating Argan Oil and other Kahina products into at-home scrubs, masks, and a simple makeup prep for luminous skin. We got skincare recipes from our in-house esthetician, San Francisco-based Jennie Hooker, that anyone can prepare with ingredients found in cupboards and farmers markets. Jessa was a delight, as always, and dutifully mixed up masks with strawberry, yogurt and honey, as well as scrubs with cornmeal and oatmeal. The finished products looked and smelled good enough to eat- and Jessa did! The verdict? Delicious. When the final short films are completed, they'll be a resource for all organic beauty nuts who know that what you put on your face should be as pure as what you eat. In the meantime, check out our blog postings on at-home "recipes" for different skin types and needs. A big thank you to Jessa, Jennie, and the entire crew for their collaboration!
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