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To Our Loyal Customers

Dear Kahina Customer, We hate to do it, but due to rising costs of some of our ingredients, the prices of a few of the Kahina Giving Beauty products have increased as follows: Facial Cleanser is now $56 Facial Lotion is now $62 Toning Mist is now $46 At Kahina Giving Beauty we strive to provide the highest quality products, certified by Ecocert, while fulfilling our commitment to help the Berber women at the heart of our line in a meaningful way. We know you appreciate the value of using only the best natural and organic ingredients on your skin. We will never compromise on our product integrity or our company's mission of women helping women through shared beauty rituals. Sometimes this means making difficult decisions. We'd like to offer you free shipping on through the month of February, no code necessary. Thank you again for being a customer at Kahina Giving Beauty. We value your loyalty and support. All the best, Katharine L'Heureux, founder, and the Kahina Giving Beauty team
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