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The Women of Tazghilite

The young women of Tazghrilite

As is the case in several of the small remote villages I have visited in Morocco, Tazghilite is populated mostly by women. The men of the village leave to work in the big cities of Casablanca, Taroudant and Marrekech, returning for one month a year during the Feast Celebration. The women are left behind to do the hard labor of tending the fields, caring for the animals and their children. The money they earn from cracking the argan nuts and weaving rugs allows for them to buy the staples they need as well as some extra spending money, which the girls use to buy kaftans and jewelry to wear for their celebrations, such as the one they had on my visit. These girls will probably marry a boy from a neighboring village who will also leave to work in the cities. There is a chance that the boy will earn enough money to take her with him, but most likely, she will remain behind in the village with the boy's family.


Women do the hard work in the fields. This woman is carrying a heavy load of hay she has gathered to feed her donkey.
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