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Kahina "the next Monster Brand, guys!"


Michelle from Because I Said So! Mom Knows Best! blog wrote a funny, candid review of Kahina products. She's also conducting a giveaway of Kahina eye serum, so check out her blog to see how to win yours. Read some great tidbits from her post below: Michelle tells of an outing to a local bar; she says, "Across from us were two younger girls and a hour or so after they sat down... I started speaking to them and ... making jokes that we have kids . I told them I wasn't dead yet because I just had a baby and they laughed and said, 'To tell you the truth, we thought you were much younger.' 'You did, did you?' 'Yeah, it is kinda embarrassing.' 'What is?' 'We thought you were maybe 30 and some sort of gold digger because your friend looks so much older than you.' Blow me over with a feather. I told them I was almost 41 but that they just gave me the best compliment ever. ... Now Kahina, you are my new best friend because I would not have had that reaction a few weeks ago." Michelle calls our cleanser "the bomb!" and our lotion "flat out yummy!" She concludes by saying, "I am really impressed with the whole product line... These guys have taken something that has been around forever in certain parts of the world, perfected it and brought it to the rest of us. I will have them in my bathroom from here on out for I enjoy looking like a 30 year-old gold digger even if I am 10 or more years older and not!" Thank you, Michelle, for your honesty and priceless anecdotes. We're so happy you enjoyed Kahina and are sharing your experience with your readers.
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