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The Eco-Beautiful Kahina Gift Set


Looking for a unique, luxe gift set that gives back? Look no further! We're thrilled to debut the newest addition to the Kahina Giving Beauty line! The Kahina Giving Beauty Gift Set represents a special collaboration to empower women in India and Morocco and foster sustainable small business while preserving local tradition and industry.Bringing the beauty of Moroccan and Indian artisanal traditions to the West, this one-of-a-kind product is handcrafted from start to finish.Click here to shop now on!

Working in conjunction with NEST, each Kahina Giving Beauty Gift Set is housed in a block-printed and hand-stitched cotton case, produced by Indian women artisans of the Destiny Reflection project.The unique gift set contains Kahina Giving Beauty’s signature 100% certified organic Argan Oil (1 oz.) and a hand-milled artisanal Argan Soap.

·Kahina Giving Beauty’s 100% certified organic Argan Oil (1 oz.): Suitable for face, hair and body usage, rejuvenating argan oil is extremely rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, to protect and help prevent signs of aging.By Moroccan law, only the indigenous Berber women working in cooperatives can extract this precious oil.

·Hand-milled artisanal Argan Soap (3 oz.): A richly moisturizing cleanser for face and body use, these gentle bar soaps contain legendary argan oil and essential oils.Nourishing argan oil joins palm oil and emollient sunflower oil to gently care for skin and rejuvenate the senses.

About NEST:NEST is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with female artists and artisans around the world. Using a unique combination of interest-free microfinance loans, mentoring from established designers, as well as a market in which to sell their crafts, NEST helps its loan recipients create successful small businesses. NEST instills pride of ownership, preserves ancient artistic traditions and successfully moves women from poverty to self-sufficiency.

About Destiny Reflection: Working in conjunction with NEST, Destiny Reflection aims to assist formally trafficked women, giving them alternative employment as well as a supportive community.

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