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The 3 Graces.Santa Monica

I was on a quick trip to Santa Monica earlier this month to train the sales staff at Fred Segal. Deciding to browse Montana Avenue on my one free hour in LA, my eye was drawn to a small store front featuring some new independent beauty brands. I entered for a brief look around and discovered a new haven for natural and organic skin care called The 3 Graces.Santa Monica. The space is beautiful - clean, spare and elegant - and showcases a wide selection of little known natural cosmetic solutions. After striking up a conversation with the owners, Corinne and Joey Dunne, I wrote my name and the Kahina Giving Beauty url on a post-it and was merrily on my way. Next morning, as I was sitting in a meeting in the cafe outside of Fred Segal, Joey Dunne appeared. After visiting the Kahina website he had tracked me down and wanted to place an order immediately. I am thrilled to be included in a store that shares my enthusiasm for and belief in organic and natural cosmetics and that is run by such a knowledgeable team with a great aesthetic. The store is located at 1309 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

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