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Your cart is empty Beauty Counter Blog's Beauty Counter Blog focuses on Giving Beauty and Kahina beauty products for Earth Day. Happy Earth Day to you and yours! We’re assuming that you’re making an effort to do something eco-conscious today—whether that means using less electricity and hot water, planting a tree, or partaking in one of the many green beauty initiatives we’ve clued you in to over the past month. For our part, we’d like to introduce you to a new skincare brand that celebrates Earth Day, every day. Meet Giving Beauty, a simple organic skincare line created for people seeking products that work and that they can feel good about buying. The idea behind the brand is to source ingredients from women’s cooperatives around the world, creating collections based on key ingredients and donating a portion of all profits to the workers who provide the raw materials. The first range, which launched earlier this month, is called Kahina and is based on 100 percent organic argan oil (so hot right now) sourced from women’s cooperatives in Morocco. The four-piece line includes a facial cleanser boosted with organic willow bark extract and organic honey to cleanse without stripping skin of its natural oils, a serum fortified with organic coffee oil to rejuvenate skin, a facial lotion with organic shea butter for deep moisturization, and a pure argan face oil to condition and add radiance. The packaging is equally planet-friendly, made from recyclable violet glass housed in boxes produced from 100 percent post-consumer waste and made in a wind-powered facility. Go on, peruse the Web site: Just looking counts as an Earth Day contribution as far as we’re concerned. (We know; the idea of a cold shower is a tough pill to swallow.)
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