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Self Magazine Beauty Director praises Kahina

I happened to meet Elaine O'Farley at the ABC Home event last month. We had a great time chatting and she loved the concept of Giving Beauty. She writes in her blog, "The label incorporates the signatures from the women she works with, beautiful in their own way. Unfortuantely the women are illiterate but have a particularly stylish scrawl that Katharine (filled with ingenuity) used to create a package and logo that to me is the definition of gift. Give it to a friend or give it to yourself, and at the same time help women from around the world achieve their dreams. Beauty doesn't get better than that. Is it a coincidence that Katharine's last name translated from French means happy? People like Katharine make me happy (and many others I'm sure!). I admire creative giving souls." Read her blog at Thanks Elaine!
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