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R&R Recovery


I've just returned from an idyllic vacation on the beautiful and unspoiled island of Culebra, the first time in four years that I've left home without my computer (okay, I still had my iPad and Blackberry, but still). Not only was I able to let go of work for ten days, but I admit to letting some of my good skin care habits lapse as well. I relaxed my number one rule of staying out of the sun (but it felt sooo good). I religiously applied sunscreen every morning, but it was no match for the couple of hours I spent in the surf each day with my kids. Fortunately, my favorite Kahina products were on hand to undo some of the damage. The aloe vera in the Toning Mist soothed sunburned skin, antioxidants helped reverse damage from UV rays, and the argan oil nourished and moisturized my skin. It was also the perfect time and place to give our Brightening Serum (currently in development) a test run, with its arsenal of ingredients protecting collagen from UV damage and inhibiting melanin production to keep dark spots at bay. An application of the Antioxidant Mask, to exfoliate and replenish on my return and I'm good as new, but with a tan! I wish reversing some of the damage from my other vacation behavior (fried plantains, rum and tonics anyone?) was this painless. -- Katharine
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