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Rave reviews for Kahina Argan Oil

We've been getting a lot of questions lately about what makes Kahina Argan Oil so special. Kahina Giving Beauty founder Katharine L'Heureux explained some of the reasons on this blog post, but we thought we'd share some testimonials from our customers. They come from Make Up Alley, a popular site dedicated to everything beauty, including ratings & reviews. A huge thanks to those who took the time to write in and share their experiences! "So far I am loving this argan oil (but I only just started using it so I will update if need be). What I really want to point out is that this is like no other argan oil I've tried which leads me to believe it's all about the extraction/processing. Kahina extracts the oil by hand, cold process. No heat or chemical extraction. You can tell the difference in just the feel of the oil-it doesn't feel watery like a couple other popular name brands I've tried. I can't say it smells good (at all to me) but the smell is not that strong and does not linger. I bought the eye cream & toner/spray so I'll write reviews on those later." "I am not usually prone to over-statements, but this oil is, simply put, magical! I am a confirmed skincare junkie and I have used most high-end lines (La Prairie, La Mer, Revive, Chanel Sublimage, Kanebo Sensei, etc.), as well as a number of all-natural (Tata Harper, Nude, etc.) and niche brands (Zelens, Dr. Ci Labo, etc). Some of these lines worked better than others, yet I never had results as obvious, quanitfiable and immediate as I did with the Kahina Argan Oil. For starters, the oil has a lovely, lightly nutty smell and a wonderful texture. I use it morning and night (it's light enough that I can even use it in the heat and humidity of a NYC summer on my combination skin). When I wake up after using it the night before, my skin glows and looks like porcelain, even after 4 hours of sleep. Yet, the miraculous part is what this oil did for my eyes. A few months ago I started getting strange, red and very painful pimples on my lower eyelids. They made me look tired and old and hurt like hell! They were not styes and despite my best efforts, I could not get rid of them. I switched between three different eye creams, tried Thayers witch hazel stopped using products on my eyes altogether... Nothing worked. Then I bought the Kahina argan oil and used it all over my face. Two days after starting to use the oil I suddenly realized that the pimples were gone. Because I do not believe in "miracle products", I attributed their disappearance to other factors (though nothing in my life and habits changed). Then I got sick for a couple of days, got lax with my skincare routine and stopped using the oil. After two days the pimples were back. The moment I started using the oil again they were gone and stayed gone. Kahina Giving Beauty is a wonderful company and I am hugely impressed with its commitment to the women of Morocco. However, it is the difference that this oil made to my skin that turned me into a fan. I bought the serum and am looking forward to trying it, although I will probably save it until colder months when my skin is much drier. This oil is not hugely cheap, but the bottle is quite big and very well designed - it's dark to filter out the light and comes with a convenient dropper." "This oil is amazing. The argan oil has made my skin amazing. My skin has a youthful glow." "Love this oil!! I layer it under my regular moisturizer in the winter, and in the summer I use this by itself at night. I wake up and my skin is glowy. You only need a teensy drop, too, and I haven't noticed any fragrance. Plus I love the fact that they give back to the Moroccan women who harvest the oil, and love the signatures of the women that are on the bottles. I'll repurchase!" "The smell and the feel of this oil has me believing that it is the purest oil I have ever used on my skin. My skin drinks this up and looks unbelievably healthy. I admire Kahina Giving Beauty and whole heartily don’t mind shelling out the extra $$ for their argan oil as I feel it's the purest and the brand is the most giving when it comes to fair-trade. I have purchased the biggest bottle possible and use the oils as a night treatment at the moment, and with that it should last me while, years maybe. I will most likely buy again." Are you a Makeup Alley member? We encourage you to share your experience with Kahina products.
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