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Our Winter to Spring Routine

Our Winter to Spring Routine

Spring is here and if feels like life is - slowly - beginning to return to normal. We're in the mood to celebrate - safely - and we want you to join us with 20% off of your order. 

Our skin is feeling particularly dry and in need of support after this long, hard winter. Here's a KAHINA routine we're loving right now to move into the new season and prepare skin for the brighter days ahead.

1. Shed dull winter layers of skin with KAHINA's exfoliating and detoxifying Antioxidant Mask.
2. Cleanse off any residue with the KAHINA Oil Cleanser - without stripping your skin of oils.
3. Gently tone and hydrate with the KAHINA Toning Mist
4. Dab a pump or two of the KAHINA Eye Cream to the eye area to plump fine lines and wrinkles that have popped up from squinting at screens.
4. Massage 1 - 2 pumps of the KAHINA Brightening Serum into skin to even out skin tone and lighten dark spots.
5. Follow with 1 - 2 pumps of our Facial Lotion, our most moisturizing emulsion.
6. Finish with the KAHINA Restorative Serum to leave skin ultra-silky and smooth.

A note on the order of things: We have recently been playing around with applying oils over creams and are loving the result. We encourage you to experiment and see what works for your own skin.
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