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Our New Body Serum, FEZ inspired

katandmajid It has been said that the city of Fez is more of a state of mind than a place. Having been there a number of times and anxious to return, I would have to agree. Fez gets under your skin. Founded in 787 by a man purported to be a great grandson of Mohammed, Fez retains the feel of a medieval city, practically unchanged in the past 1200 years. A great maze of stalls selling fresh meat, spices, olive, cheese, and pastries (as well as some not so appetizing options) under lattice mats that filter the sun, and workshops holding tailors, ironworkers, engravers, weavers and more live amidst ancient mosques and koranic schools. Beautiful tiles, woodcarvings and engravings are everywhere. The call to prayer mingles with the sounds of the ironworkers and the clattering of donkeys’ hoofs on cobblestone streets. And the smells, oh the smells. Wafts of bread cooking in the communal ovens, spices and sandalwood in the souk, rose petals in the riads, incense burning in the mosque, mint in the tea, and the prevalence of orange flower blossoms in the spring, all of it melding for complete, sensory absorption. It is this multi-layered experience that inspires the scent of our new Kahina FEZ Body Serum, blending the scents of antiquity with floral, citrus and spice notes. Named after the soulful city of Fez, our Body Serum combines our signature argan oil with other antioxidant rich oils, including coconut, olive, and watermelon seed oils in a restorative, moisturizing and utterly luxurious cocktail. Pour it in the bath and transport yourself in time and place, or massage it into your neck and shoulders for a sultry perfume before going out. I’m sure FEZ will get under your skin, too. -Katharine L'Heureux, Kahina Giving Beauty Founder
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